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Architectural Services


We create ideas that are born from a clash of culture, community and functionally. Our residential and mixed-use communities meld living, working, and playing—providing new opportunities for people to connect with each other and the greater world around them. Engaging neighborhoods are the driving force behind success. Our designs mandate a clear perspective and intention – combining cutting edge technology with simple, human touches that shape the future.


We’re committed to a more progressive and holistic approach to architecture that shapes environments and builds meaningful connections. XTArch Architectural studio designs retail shopping destinations that speak to the core of a brand before consumers even walk through the door. We work closely with companies to shape the consumer journey that puts clients—and their customers—first.

Interior Services


Delivering fresh, evocative spaces for clients from an array of industries, our interiors department is a full-service practice with deep experience in conceptual design, and all stages of construction documentation, administration and procurement.

Engineering Services

Structural Engineering

Structural systems might not make it into glossy design magazines, but most people would agree they care more about a sound building than a cover story. We’re serious about providing solid, cost-effective, safe solutions inside any project, magazine-worthy or not.

Electrical Engineering

People need their power. Our bright electrical engineers bring their expertise to lighting systems, power distribution, and renewable, energy-efficient solutions that reduce energy consumption while keeping the lights on, the rooms cool, and the motors running.

Mechanical Engineering

Most people don’t think about mechanical systems until they don’t work. We design them to provide user comfort and be efficient without losing reliability.


Plumbing Engineering

The flow must go on. We design reliable systems that conserve water and require minimal maintenance. Brand new or redo, simple or complex, our solutions give clients peace of mind so they can put plumbing out of their minds.


Smart Homes

Utilizing a home automation system is a great way to manage your home. Instead of relying on different remotes and apps for each of your smart devices, a home automation system brings them all together under one easy-to-use control platform. Imagine being able to control your speakers, lights, TV, pool, alarm system, and door locks all from your phone, mobile device, or even by voice. Now that’s smart! XTArch Architectural studio, can help ensure the disparate tech in your home works together in harmony, creating a whole-home solution that you and your family will enjoy using every day.

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